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      Leisure Battery

      Lithium battery model:Leisure Batt


      SKYRICH Lithium leisure battery use lithium phosphate energy storage solution designed for deep-cycle application, and they can directly drop-in replace for similar sized lead acid battery offering the twice the run-time and less than half the weight. They can be widely used in caravan, marine, electric vehicle, mult-lift, floor machine, and solar street light…



      1. 99% Large capacity available

      2. 12.8 Volt High cell discharge platform

      3. 4-5 Times cycle life of lead-acid battery

      4. 1/20 Low self-discharge rate of lead-acid battery

      5. 18 Times fast charge of lead-acid battery

      6. 1/3 Weight of lead-acid battery

      7. Environment friendly

      8. High energy density, high specific capacity

      9. Safe and reliable, perfect inner protect circuit, can avoid the safety trouble caused by over current, short-circuit, over charge and over-discharge.

      10. Maintenance free;

      11. Can be connected in series for higher voltages.